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Happy Yoga Day

Congratulations to all countrymen and every human being on our planet EARTH. Today most of the people are suffering from ONE OR MORE diseaseS, mostly are lifestyle diseases. Yoga is best remedy. Healthy body and brain will be able to deliver/generate better output. Means higher GDP and PROSPERITY & PEACE. I appeal to all please join not only on Yoga day only, but practise yoga on daily basis.

As guessed that near June 21, rain God will knock the doors of North. Today is June 21.

As said June 9 top of Nifty will work as resistance strongly. Same is not yet breached, till date.


Happy Holi

wish you a prosperous , colourful , rich, effervescent , vivacious , divine saintly HOOOOOLI



Today is aswin purnima ; this day is dedicated to Lord Bramha; today one should take bath before sun rise, keep fast for complete day. One can break fast after sun set. One should worship Lord Bramha and offer him red clothes, sweets, fruits and Milk in silver bowl and ask for welfare, wellbeing and happiness of complete family. Lord grant richness, joy and good health & fame to devotees. Today one should worship PANCH ( five ) Dev. Shree Vishnuji, Shree Shivji, Shree Ganpatiji, Maa Shakti( Maa Durga ) and Surya Narayan. In evening one should light lamp in front of all Gods.



Love cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. = Karl Menninger.

I recommend latest movie of 2009 = 3 Idiots

3 idiots is worth seeing not because its comedy movie or has emotional scenes , but it pass message of Live and Let Live and not only that how to face pressure of this material world. Message is loud enough “ live in present, but not in past or future”.

Another good message is chairman also has eraser at the top of his pencil. Best message is “ don’t live in fear, it eats away our health, youthfulness, energy, decision power and at last performance.” All top performers have not only to achieve their targets. But also overcome all hurdle created by non-performers.   

Year 2009, was among best years for stocks ( equity market ). Many many stocks appreciated by more than 100%. Most of the recommendations written in this blog, achieved its targets. It was only GOD grace that each and every prediction went right, written on this blog. I always keep writing its only mathematics, but fact is, it was only HIS wish that all prediction prove good and empowered by your love and good wishes  One knows that he or she is important to others, only when someone shows love through attention and good wishes. I wish to thank everyone who made me smile, happy and feel important , in year 2009. Big Thanks to all my friend, ,colleagues, relatives and well wishers, who touched my life in their own different ways. I love you all………..


Wish you and your family ……………. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 ……………



gurpurab di lakh lakh wadhaiya

Kartik purnima : holiest day of the calendar : full moon day of the month kartik

Taking bath in holy rivers and fasting on this day grant us the best of the world.


 Dhan Guru Nanak Pargateya Miti Dhund Jag Chanan Hoya

*Gurpurab di lakh lakh wadhaiya*

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on this day in Rai-Bhoi-di Talwandi now known as Nanakana Sahib. Generally two days before the birthday, Akhand Path (a forty-eight-hour non-stop reading of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book ) is held in the Gurdwaras. Kar seva and langars are organized in almost all gurudwaras.

This day is holiest of all other days. No one can match Guru Nanak :   Love for all(ocean of love), intelligent (gyani), intelligence of life( ek onkar ), above any businessman ( sachha sauda ), Innocent like a child (tera tera tera ), sant of sants. No day can match kartik purnima. Fasting on this day grant best of the world. As ekadshi is the best date. Kartik is the best month. Guru Nanak is the sant of sants.   

ek onkar satnam karta purakh nirbho………………………………………………………..


happy navratras : jai maa durga



Navratra (Nine-Nights) are the nights of auspicious nature, and it is believed that if we pray to Maa Durga ,(who is the Manifestation of the Absolute Energy that pervades the Universe. As ‘Durga’ sitting on a Lion, she is a Manifestation of ‘Shakti’ or the Primordial Energy) in these 9 nights and perform penance with true feeling and devotion, our wishes will come true. These days are astrologically very powerful and favourable for Spiritual up gradation

Navratras are celebrations of Maa Durga. We celebrate Navratras with utmost devotion and purity. Navratras are observed twice a year. The first set of Navratras are celebrated in March & April and the second are observed in September & October.

All along these Navratras, people are generally on fast. They pray to the MAA Durga to Bless them and their families. Temples are teeming with celebrations and ‘Akhand-Jyot’ is also lighted to spread the message of light. prosperity and oneness or unity of GOD. At the time of navratras fair is organised at the temple of MAA CHINTPURNI. 


Garba dance :-

The name garba comes from the Sanskrit term Garba Deep. Garba, when translated, most closely resembles the English preposition inside, and Deep is a small earthenware lamp. For this reason, many traditional garbas are performed around a central lit lamp. Traditionally, it is performed during a nine-day festival called Navratri. Traditionally, either the lamp (the Garba Deep), or an image of Amba is placed in the middle of the concentric rings as an object of veneration, thereby delineating the dance. People dance around the deity clapping rhythmically. At every step they gracefully bend sideways, the arms coming together in sweeping gestures, up and down, left and right, each movement ending in clap. Two spins forward, One sping back.2 steps forward, 1 step back and again 1 step forward,  means when we progress (2 steps forward) we reteat back 1 step because of obstacles , but due to bleesings of MAA , we upgrade to same hieght again, by overcoming the obstacles. Jai mata di.

Durga puja :-

Durga Puja ‘Worship of Durga’,  ‘Festival of Durga’. It refers to all the six days observed as Mahalaya, Shashthi , Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Nabami and Bijoya Dashami. Durga Puja is widely celebrated in West Bangal and Tripura. Not only it is the biggest Hindu festival celebrated throughout the State, but also the most significant socio-cultural event in Bengali society. Apart from West Bengal, Durga Puja is also celebrated in Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and in some parts of other Indian states including Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Kashmir, Karnataka and Kerela.The prominence of Durga Puja increased gradually during the British Raj in Bengal. After the Hindu reformists resemble Durga with India, she had become an icon for the Indian independence movement. After independence, Durga Puja became one of the largest celebrated festivals in the whole world.

Durga Puja includes the worships of Shiva, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati, Kartikeya and Mahishasura (rakshas, killed by MAA DURGA) also. Modern tradition have come to include the display of decorated pandals and artistically depicted idols of Durga, exchange of Bijoya Greetings and publication of Puja Annuals.




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