By rkarora

There are number of time, managed to forecast successfully. All credit goes to Mr. W D Gann only. All his hard work and efforts in right direction, created a platform for all of us, so why he is called Einstein of financial markets.

  1.        Here asked to buy Gold for few months posted in comment on Jan 07. Gold rallied app. 10000 points from there.
  2. On june 23 asked to book profit and short sell for good decline. Gold price dropped by 7500 plus points. All credit goes to Gann.
  3.  It was painful to write that Nifty will jump to 7700 from 7000. But with God grace Nifty jumped 8-900 points in one go.
  4.  Before budget, on Jan 24 or 26 it was mentioned that if 8511 is maintained Nifty will move to 9265 (again 700 points). FM presented budget as per line without making any dent, pushed markets up. A neat & clean, simple & straight budget.
  5.   On April 20 Forecast of heavy Rain. Assam – UP – Bihar – some part of Ahmedabad – MP and more are suffering from either heavy rain or floods.
  6.  last comment of the post indicating weakness of Bank Nifty if not hold above 25044 can fall heavily, on August 8.


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