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Happy Yoga Day

Congratulations to all countrymen and every human being on our planet EARTH. Today most of the people are suffering from ONE OR MORE diseaseS, mostly are lifestyle diseases. Yoga is best remedy. Healthy body and brain will be able to deliver/generate better output. Means higher GDP and PROSPERITY & PEACE. I appeal to all please join not only on Yoga day only, but practise yoga on daily basis.

As guessed that near June 21, rain God will knock the doors of North. Today is June 21.

As said June 9 top of Nifty will work as resistance strongly. Same is not yet breached, till date.


happy diwali : festival of lights

Life is series of  “letting go”s-an infinite series of letting gos . all things in life are given us on loan ….once we have learned to let go, we are prepared for whatever life gives us. And death itselfnis nothing to be feared.      Mathew Fax.

Learning the art of letting go really means learning to calmly let things go. Tan man tera tera tuj ko arpan kya lage mera.


Diwali is festival of achievements . its festival of lights . it announces that together, if we all try as team or family will achieve not only materialistic goods but also spiritual blessings and prakash ( lights ) even in darkest nights. Its day of marking winning of truth, lights, richness, harmony, love, over darkness, kam, krodh, madh, ahankar, lobh, moh, poverty and evil acts . joh dhyave phaal pave, dukh bense man ka, sukh sampati ghar ave, kasht mete tan ka. We will get all good things money, health, wealth, peace, happiness and joy, but condition will only one, joh dhyaye ( who will put his or her efforts ) .


All Indians learn fron day 01. joy dhyave, mean we have to work hard ( karma karma and karma) and see the difference if we work for commitment, I guarantee that chances are remote that we are trapped. On the other hand if we work for greed (to make money or outperform compare to others), we may win in short run, but in long run by sure we are going to be trapped the way lehman brothers or all other financial institutes are been trapped today. Its all American and European countries are under debt trap. Even many Indian real estate companies are also not an exception : greed drived them to take exposure which was beyond their real valuation. A company of 100 crore reached to 10000 crore by higher value of stocks only. Banks offered them huge loans , now same banks are squaring their stocks in open market. Moral of the story is work for commitment but not huge profits. Profits will follow at its own and that also without high risks. We must drive our car with in the speed we can control. Driving car in hilly areas or heights ( sensex at 21000 ) is very risky we do not slow down, later we might not be in condition to drive fast in plains ( sensex at 7500 ).


Lord KRISHNA preached in BHAGWAT GITA , do karma for commitment , but not for wishes of fruits ( out come ), results . today recession in most of the countries have once again proved HIS school of thought.


When we ask any Indian ,” why you earn”. Reply is for rainy days . if same question is asked to any citizen of a developed country reply is “ for picnic days”. Today India is safe because of HABIT OF SAVINGS . This is massage to new generation , do not over spend ( I am saying only do not OVER spend ). ENJOY LIFE happily . time will not come AGAIN . ENJOY CELEBRATE BUT SAVE ALSO. Save for rainy days. 


Diwali is festival of prayers. When we request MAA LAKSHMI for HER blessings. This Diwali lets together, we all pray HER to grant us stagnant and long term growth in all sectors , happiness to all, peace and harmony. On this day we worship MAA SARASWATI and ask for intelligence to manage our life money health and relationship. First of all we worship Lord GANESHA ( son of MATA RANI ) and HE bless all his bhagats ( devotees ) with good sense to achieve their goals and that too uninterrupted    ( vighan harta ). 


Wish you all happy & prosperous DIWALI 2008.



Books :-


Harmonic wealth :———————worth reading—————————–


AUTHOR : James Arthur Ray.


Extracts  from this books:-


“True wealth is a state of harmony with 5 pillars, viz,

  1. financial
  2. relationship
  3. mental
  4. physical
  5. spiritual


understand your pillars are interdependent: when you attend to each of them, all increase to strength . for example   when you take care of your health by working out regularly and eating  well, you create multiple benefits . cross training is the key to exponential growth.”


“ anything that’s gifted to you in this universe that you don’t have the capability to create for universe will always be taken away. Things that are self-created are more readily self-sustained and rapidly (if necessary) re-created. But if you don’t know how to generate it in 1st place, you won’t know how to keep it, even when it falls in your laps .”


“ create your own lottery: .. don’t wish or wait for anything for you.  Decide right now that you are going to go out and do it for yourself……tap into the great sea of money flowing around this planet.”


“creating and maintaining financial wealth means that you have got to be willing to stretch yourself, eradicate your demons, take risks, and chase down every last detail ………..James Arthur Ray


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