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feedback NSE-WATCH

As mentioned monday there will be no trend but tuesday Nifty will move in a direction and that was down 7239 to 7059. as per option data (7000-7200) is a most probability. Feb. 9 is budget day. there may be a trend again from budget day to March 8. lets see how balanced central budget is?


Nifty which direction now

Today may, may not be big move. Nifty is near trend decider of 7227. Nifty have right to move in any direction, but move should be of 200 to 300 points before settlement day of February  which is on 25. best will be to use options to take position, which are available for approx 30/- rupee of ATM call and put. in total scenario, there is no good news, which can trigger bull market for some time. one hope can drive is clearance of GST bill in rajya sabah.  let’s see how things move.

Disclaimer: its an observation for self study . purely for academic purpose.


Gold managed to 30095

as mentioned in last post Gold may hit 30000 now. same executed. in december mentioned to buy for few months. its just one month only and Gold is 30000 from 25000 . one contract earned 5000 points means 500000 on margin of 1,54000.

Nifty trend decider: 7015 resistance 7057  7099  7141  support 6973  6931  6888.



GOLD asked to buy and hold


January 7, 2016 at 4:37 am

Gold bullish above 24800 hold for few months.

Disclaimer: its an observation for self study only.


on Jan 7 , asked to hold for few months. look its feb 9 and gold is trading above 28000.  29327 and 30000 plus are next levels. i told all my friends 4-5 months back that from Dec 2015 Gold look strong. it is an observation only for education purpose only for self study. Nifty as said yesterday there will be big move more than 100. nifty first moved to 50 points plus from low and from high fall for more than 100 points. Its all an observation for self study.


Nifty may remain in a range today

most probability is Nifty will remain in a range today but Monday may be the day of BIIIG move say 100 plus. Ready for the ride.

Disclaimer: it’s an observation for self study for education purpose only not for trading.


Nifty top and bottom formation

last all suggestions hit the target. its God’s grace only. as told to sell @ 7604 ( which was almost top ) 2 days back and told to hold till friday. by now Nifty dropped by 250 points . now what? may it form bottom today or near 7268 by tomorrow. 2nd possibility is bulls take charge from tomorrow instead of Monday. Before Governor announced unchanged policy, sell was recommended with stoploss of 7610. all God’s grace.

Disclaimer: iis an observation only for self study. its for educational purpose only, not suggesting any trading idea. always play on mathematical formula only.



NSE NIFTY : Feedback

  1. rkarora

    February 1, 2016 at 4:39 am

    gold Td 26706 support 26630 26515 26440 resistance 26831 26900 27012 expiry April 5 Crude TD 2290 support 2230 2173 2115 resistance 2344 2401 2460 Nifty td 7518 support 7455 7342 7280 resistance 7630 7693 7805 bank nifty TD 15470 support 15240 14940 14700 resistance 15770 16002 16234

    Disclaimer: all levels are based on mathematical formula.

  2. 2rkarora

    February 1, 2016 at 9:16 am

    as mentioned Nifty formed high above 7600 and corrected. in morning only same was mentioned. Its all Gods grace only.

  3. 3rkarora

    February 2, 2016 at 3:50 am

    good support 7440-7483 and resistance 7610-7650. lets see what guidance we get from RBI Governor, today there is good possibility that Nifty move more than 100 points a direction. trend may establish even before policy.

    Disclaimer: its an observation for self study purely for education purpose.

  4. 4rkarora

    February 2, 2016 at 3:53 am

    will market fall by more than 100 points.

  5. 5rkarora

    February 2, 2016 at 9:17 am

    7505 formed today , yesterday top was 7607 approx. fall of 100 points today also top formed 7595 . means 90 points down from top of the day. Yesterday predicted, there will be no move on Feb 1 and 100 point move next day on Feb 2 . both proved good. All God’s grace only.

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