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Education and stock market.

Is it easy to make money stock market? If yes! Why most of the people lose. Its only because , we don’t study or practise in this profession, as we do to be medical doctor or lawyer or chartered. We spend many years to be proficient in other areas but here we want to be winner in no time without putting much of the efforts.
I say its best profession of the world. All keenest minds of the world are involved in it, as a hedger or speculator or an arbitrageurs. If you are ready to work hard and learn techniques to win in stock/commodity markets. Just write to me at email :

Nifty watch : trend decider of the day : 6003.36 with 1st resistance @ 6028 and 1st support @ 5965. break out any side will yield 36 points for the day.

Silver Up date: after selling was initiated trade earned app. 2000 points. new levels will be updated soon.

Disclaimer : its an observation for self study only. it may, may not hold good.


silver is down by 1100 points

after sell call was given on Silver, is down by 1100 points. its all God’s grace only.
yesterday initiated sell on Nifty near 6007-6017 with sl of 6046. it hit its 1st target of 5927. Its all mathematics only. Now 5927 will work as trend decider. resistance is of 5959 and is @5866 ( 39 days mv) and 5838 ( 200 days moving average.

Disclaimer: its an observation for self study only. may, may not hold good.


Infosys and our prediction of up trend today. Its God’s grace only

Infosys sees FY14 revenue growing at 13-17 per cent in rupee terms.

The Infosys reported consolidated net profit at Rs 2,374 crore for the quarter ended June 2013, down 0.8 per cent, against Rs 2,394 crore in previous quarter.

Sales for the quarter was at Rs 11,267 crore, up 7.7 per cent, as compared to Rs 10,454 crore.

“Despite facing an uncertain macro environment, changing regulatory regime and a volatile currency environment, we have done well in Q1 and are cautiously optimistic about rest of the year,” said S. D. Shibulal, CEO and Managing Director.

Its consolidated revenue in dollar terms increased to $ 1,991 million, up 2.7 per cent, as against $ 1,938 million in last quarter.

EBIT margin for the quarter grew marginally to 23.64 per cent against 23.55 per cent Q-o-Q.

Revenues from Lodestone in Q1 stood at $ 90.67 million vs $70.33 million Q-o-Q.

Infosys management is cautiously optimistic about rest of the year. It has added 66 clients in and 10,138 employees in June quarter. source : economictimes web page


1. Jet-Etihad deal under CBI scanner
2. Ranbaxy to pay $420000 to settle case
3. Import duty on sugar raised to 15%
4. Alert: Infosys result on Friday.

Nifty is moving in a range designed by MAs. 5 day / 8 days and 200 days are near to 5830. resistance is @ 5895 ( 40 days MA ) – @ 5920 ( 50 DAYS MA ) AND SUPPORT is @ 5745 ( 13 days MA. ) – @ 5761 ( 20 days ).

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