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its all God Grace ! look res & sup all hold good as per our last article.

the heart is always ready to take the risk. the heart is gambler!
the head is a businessman. the head always calculates……. its cunning. – Zen Master

Knowledge is more important than Capital.

Most profits are made in active fast moving markets.

I am lucky to have 14 years elder brother ( best gift of the world, God have given me, ) and a 14 years younger brother.



Nifty (5817):  5817 will work as trend decider. Nifty reversed from its major support of 5663 with target of 5929. But 5929 is valid only if Nifty breaks 5817 decisively, if not than it will retreat to 5663. 5817 is 50% retracement of 5971 to 5663. 5971 is the level where Nifty break its support line. Before breaking this support line Nifty tested 3 times and continued its upward journey. Now why 5929 level is given as major resistance. Earlier Nifty could not break level OF 5929 for few month, while advancing to 6047, and it worked as major resistance. Globally, Just yesterday Dow, made its new high. Next 2-3 days will decide either its double top or break out. It’s more relevant because it has made new high after declaration of major cut in expenditures in US budget. President Obama is trying level best to deliver after all adversaries. We have to be watchful for this week to decide, next action plan, because current rally is more liquidity based than macro economic factors. Back to home, if Nifty does not able to sustain above 5817, most probably it will break down 5663 level also and open to new lows. Than 200 days moving average will work as minor support. In current budget to spur investment, Chidambaram introduced a 15% investment allowance for companies investing Rs. 100 crore in plant and machinery, over and above depreciation. And he unveiled other growth-oriented measures like industrial corridors between Chennai and Bengaluru and between Bengaluru and Mumbai. FM, is trying level best to change the economic scenario. He has advocated for lower interest rates also.  Major challenge is how to increase in Capex. In GDP, till day government of India contribute 1.7 app.  Out of 5. Technicall if Nifty break 5929, will set new targets 6047 and 6120. On other side if break, 5668 will target 5625 and 5514.

Disclaimer: all written contents may , may not hold good. its an observation, and for self study only.

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