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Holy Men are born on earth to show people the way to God


Yahoo! India News adds: Sibal told TV channels on Friday morning that there had been some confusion about the time of the meeting, and that the government was willing to concede all but two points raised by Hazare and the anti-corruption activists. The government said the law minister would issue a letter, but couldn’t issue a notification about the bill. It was also not willing to give the chairmanship of the drafting committee to civil society.

Anna has also announced that he would launch a jail bharo agitation from April 12 if citizens’ demands were not met.)

“The two sides had agreed on almost all issues but there is no agreement on two issues, that is issuing an official notification to form the committee and making Hazare the chairman of the committee.So we need more time and we will meet again tomorrow and see we can evolve a procedure with which we can move ahead,” Sibal had said yesterday, and the deadlock continues on Friday.

Three of the five demands raised by Hazare and his supporters have been met by the government. These are formation of a joint committee with five members each from government and civil society, immediate setting up of the panel and bringing the Bill in Monsoon session.

However, government did not agree to the demands of the activists that Hazare be made the chairman of the joint committee and issuing an official notification for the constitution of the committee.

A close aide of Hazare said the 71-year-old activist was in good health though there he was feeling weak. “We are waiting for the results of third round of talks,” the aide said.

Hazareji has said that if someone becomes Minister starts behaving differently, although he or she is elected by public only. I met with a corporate person, who has made  good amount of money. He said “I have learnt that I can become rich by looting simple and innocent people only.”

I want to convey him and others like minded that wait now ANNA HAZARE has come. What ministers will do, same will be followed by public. Ministers are looting government money. Corporate are looting public and others. Corruption  dishonesty  fraud  bribery  inducement sleaze racket scam  cheat swindle , whatever may be the name, there is a sufferer and that is common man = middle man. Its our time to join hands with Anna …….. Anna Hazare.

Holy men are born on earth to show people the way to God. They teach differently. There are many paths leading to the same goal. Therefore the teachings of all the saints are true. Anna is one of them. Take his blessings. He has come to save sincere and honest men. I salute him and say I support Anna Hazare move.   


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