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let’s save AMERICA……..(USA)

Let’s save America


In history we have not seen any society as whole reaching to such a height , which is achieved by Americans. If I talk about oldest civilisations Hindus or Chinese, we can name  many individuals like Lord Rama or Lord Krishna achieving extreme top of growth (stage where nothing is left to achieve ), what a human can only imagine. But if I talk of growth level of society as whole, together at same time, its one and only one United State Of America. Its not only matter of money, science, economy, spirituality, infrastructure, workmanship, professionalism, education, astronomy, its about totality – all areas and everyone. Today when honourable Obama, sworn in as 44th president of USA, country is losing its shine. Most of the top American well managed companies are finding difficult to survive. Top executives are losing jobs. Consumers are not feeling comfortable to spend. Property rates have crashed like anything. Credit card bills are unpaid . Government is pumping money and only money to bail out companies of auto, finance and many other sectors. After infusion of billions of dollars, economy is still suffering. Damage is in trillions and even more. Only silver lining is change of government.  Obama in place of Bush. Does this change will make any difference. Civilisation of Rome, British and than Soviet Union could not maintain their levels what they achieved once. Will history repeat again in case of USA. No it will not……… united Americans love their country , they will change for themselves, they will change for America, they will change for the whole world. Union is the key world. They grow together as whole society , they are suffering or beaten together as a society. They will change together and will change for betterment. They will come back to their original track ……..      Americans should adopt following methods or ways to come out of recession . they are capable to handle and manage at their own, but sometimes , suggestions from outside give the feeling of concern and strength.


Step # 1, stop good money follow bad money : till now good money is been used to bail out or fill the cracks and gaps. Good money which could be used to some productive uses like alternate energy , new inventions , r&d , new areas of development, global solutions etc. . I am not against for government help to private sector or banking/ financial bail outs or infusion of money in companies like GM., but I am against postpone of problem. If good money can fix the problem and can bring back systems on track , nothing like that but if not , its temporarily postpone of collapse than even I am not against it if it is for the period, from where economy and confidence level revives. We have to decide here which bridge to burn and which to cross. Resources are always limited, its capital or material. Hence must be utilised for optimum usages. We should put our earned money for productive uses before it raise demand for borrowings. I am loud and clear here. Again I am saying, I am not against help or bail out , but first use money for productive features and donate earning or profits for above mentioned. First thing is to identify the scope area where money can be multiplied or at least can things going.


Step # 2, we need any trigger for revival and another bull run and best would be agri products in this scenario. Tomorrow many other trigger may emerge. On an average an American consume 2 kg. Rice in an year ( scope and space is there ). If Americans start shifting more towards vegetarian diet, this will help agriculture based economies and American can have participation in mentioned countries. Till date, Americans are Hero and world follow them. If they will eat green , rest will follow. This will raise demand of land for cultivation. Indirectly , its growth slogan for rural and undeveloped area of Earth. Still there is ample land, which can be used for cultivation after doing some simple or hard exercises. One unproductive land will be utilised second greenery will help in controlling global warming. First time in history mankind will not work against nature , but against its greedy nature will work for socialism. Its growth story of financer to farmers, rich to rural, economy to global warming.


Step # 3, President Obama has talked of alternate energy , but cooling off of crude prices delayed/slowed down all project , which were talked about at the time when crude was trading above $100 pb. Now when crude is below $50 pb, we cann’t ignore the cost and limitation to get crude in long run. If we will not be serious about hydro, air and solar energy or energy fuel from seeds(agri based fuel), tomorrow we will not have chance to think to achieve new areas which are undiscovered. Today recurring cost of solar energy is very low, but infrastructure cost is very high. If ,We can bring it down to one third of cost of today will open new areas to infrastructure. Serious research and development inputs are required in mentioned areas. Just imagine all factories , cars , and plants working on solar energy means all new plants and machineries, new cars, new engineering goods, and marginal cost of energy will be lower by 70%, cheaper goods, more consumption, new investments, new area of infrastructure, more travelling, fun, parties and enjoyment, same old life of Americans. But now one lesson must be learned from this down fall…


Step # 4, just ask to any Indian , why you earn, reply will be to safe for emergency or old age. But its not the same in the case of American, reason is very simple. Its difference between developed and developing nations. American must go for saving at least 15% of their earnings ( its universal average rate of saving ) . India its 33%. This time America will work for party as well as for emergency also. Now where to park saved money. In India money can earn 8 to 9 % per annum , but its not same in America. Hence money must travel to debt funds of fix income product of developing countries like India, Africa and others. This will again boast economy of developing countries and strengthen financial status of Americans. This is win-win situation.


Step # 5, regulations and diversification is the mantra of safety. Why India is safe today compare to other countries? Why Canada is safer than America? Its only regulations and diversification. Banks or Financial institutes will park their capital to real estate only upto 15%. Capital goods 15%, personal loans 15% and so only and Check loan paying capacity are only primary rules. Follow it religiously , always think of long term goals. Remember = speed, greed and scale have killed many . today its matter of survival – survival as a leader , main driver and largest consumer. Hence take lesson from those who all survived today in this turmoil.


Step # 6


its all mathematics …………

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  1. 1 rkarora

June 27, 2009 at 4:45 pm

nifty can also go southward after the same day.

read disclaimer : it may may not hold good. its just an observation

its all mathematics……. From may 16th ,no sell signal  generated and given on this blog. And on june 27th 2009 , it was written “nifty can also go southward after the same day ( july 4th 2009).   

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